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08 April 2010 @ 10:21 pm
Thursday: April 8, 2010  


+ 6 Things (Multi-pairing, R) by debris_k in gleeslash.
+ Allergies (Quinn/Rachel, Santana/Brittany, PG-13) by zippadedoodah.
+ Bigger is Better (Santana/Brittany, PG-13) by insaneantics21.
+ Break a Leg (Will/Emma, M) by madamesayswhat in willandemma.
+ Hold on to What You Believe (Rachel/Quinn, R) by darkindegrees.
+ I Wonder (Brittany/Santana, PG) by td_lover.
+ It Takes a Village (Kurt/Puck, Finn/Quinn, Artie/Tina, Brittany/Santana, PG) by senry.
+ Night Out (MPreg, Puck/Kurt, NC-17) by basez_dreams.
+ Not What I Planned At All (Rachel/Quinn, PG-13) by dratij.
+ Question (Will/Emma, G) by madeinsekrit.
+ We Weren't Friends Before (Puck/Rachel, Finn, R) by cheapen in niceskin.
+ What They Pretended Not to See (Will/Finn, PG-13) by hopenight.

(Fic Updates)

+ Chapter 2 of Are You Gonna Be My Girl? (Rachel/Quinn, NC-17) by sky_splitz.
+ Chapter 19 of Burning Down The House (Puck/Rachel, PG-13) by katertots_78.
+ Chapter 14 of Burt Hummel is a Smart Man [Some Might Even Say He's a Genious] (Burt Hummel, Puck/Kurt, NC-17) by deviant_dev in deviant_slash.
+ Chapter 6 of Casting Call (Finn/Rachel, M) by the_minsk. -outside link-
+ Part 7 of Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promises (Rachel/Quinn, NC-17) by powergrapes.
+ Chapter 1 of Home (Puck/Kurt, NC-17) by breea1.
+ Chapter 3 of I Promise You (Puck/Kurt, NC-17) by shamelessbrie.
+ Part 8 of Life is a Song, Love is the Music (Kurt/Puck, PG-13) by ddrizzle.
+ Chapter 2 of Moment of Clarity (Rachel/Santana, PG) by ashantiw in gleeslash.
+ Part 1 and Part 2 of the places i'd never find alone (Will/Emma, R) by andbless_mybaby.
+ Chapter 10 of Put Me Back Together (Kurt/Puck, PG) by keeper_of_stars.
+ Chapter 1 of Welcome Back (Brittany/Santana, G) by mooners in mooners_fiction.
+ Chapter 5 of Your Love is Like a Button (Rachel/Quinn, R) by paintedpaw89.
+ Chapter 7 of All The Right Moves (Will/Emma, T) by harry_ginny1994. -outside link-


+ 15 Glee icons by coffee_in_bed_1.
+ 16 Glee and Cast icons by molly_holic in gleeclub.
+ 20 Glee and Cast icons by leire_pj in raveninthesky for glee20in20.
+ 40 Glee and Cast Icons by shampain.
+ 75 Glee and Cast icons by lalatina15.
+ 30 GIFs from Glee Cast on Oprah by neonbliss in iconsofbliss.


+ hfurude_hanyuu  is looking for a Kurt/Artie community in gleeslash.
+ lovelycudy  discusses how to rate a fic in puckurt.


+ Cory Montieth to star in Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy. -outside link-
+ Jane Lynch on David Letterman. -outside link-
+ Mark Salling celebrates Nylon's 11th birthday. -outside link-
+ Brad Ellis, Glee's mute pianist, interviewed. -outside link-
+ Dianna Agron has new Tumblr pics. -outside link-

(Show/Soundtrack News/Spoilers)

+ E!News post a preview of Hello. -outside link-
+ Set pics from the Lady Gaga episode. -outside link-
+ Medium Quality songs from Hello. -outside link-
+ weareglorious has a list of press Tweets about the first 3 episodes back in gleeclub.
+ Puck and Quinn introduce Human Target and American Idol. -outside link-
+ Video of Rachel singing Gives You Hell. -outside link-